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What is the ideal buffer time for a lastminutebid

A “buffer” is the number of seconds before the end of the auction that BidRobot attempts to place your bid

BidRobot makes the best choice of a buffer time based on information it gathers at the time just before the bid BidRobot “pings” ebay and determines eBay’s response time and Internet congestion Based on this, BidRobot automatically sets the buffer time between six and 10 seconds Since we started doing this in 2001, the number of successfully submitted bids has increased substantially

BidRobot eBay sniping programYou get absolutely UNLIMITED bidding until your expiration date.

Snipe bid as many auctions as you want until your expiration date.

Absolutely No limit on the amount you can win until your expiration date!

** BIDROBOT'S WIN GUARANTEE: If you don't WIN MORE THAN the amount we've promised, then your account stays open for FREE, at our expense, past your expiration date, until you win the amount we promised!
Subscription Plans:
$7.99 Unlimited Bidding for 3 weeks --- with $500 win guarantee **
$20.00 Unlimited Bidding for 4 months --- with $2,000 win guarantee **
$40.00 Unlimited Bidding for 12 months --- with $4,000 win guarantee **

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